Why You Shouldn’t Talk Directly to Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are for-profit companies with only goal being to maximize profits. They make money when they get away with not paying full value to car accident victims. The representatives on the phone are highly trained to get you to admit things that hurt your case.  Any statement you make can be misunderstood in a way that reduces the strength of your case. Having a car accident lawyer to stand up for you and defend your rights is essential. (There is a reason their phone systems direct attorneys to different representatives!)  A lawyer can efficiently manage interactions with insurance companies, so you can concentrate on getting better. 

Give priority to medical care, even if you do not have health insurance.   

Your well-being is of utmost importance. Getting medical help right away creates a documentation of your injuries and backs your case. If your injuries aren’t serious enough for you to get treatment, the insurance company will not take your injuries seriously, and frankly, neither will a jury. Insurance companies regularly take advantage of treatment breaks, called “gaps in treatment,” to minimize the seriousness of your injuries.  

We recognize that not everyone has insurance that makes it easy to get care. Any good personal injury attorney with experience practicing in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Washington DC knows how to find you a medical providers who can provide medical care without immediate payment. They will wait to be paid until your case is settled.  At Kitchel Law, we have helped clients find neurologists, pain management specialists, orthopedists, chiropractors, and physical therapists for clients who needed help. (Nothing is better than getting a note from a client that the care you helped them get is making them feel better!)

Maintain Proof of Your Car Accident

Having strong evidence is crucial for a successful claim for a car accident. Promptly take photographs of the accident site, your car, and your injuries. If you are unable to do it yourself due to your condition, seek assistance from witnesses or from your friends and family. Documentation is vital because physical evidence, like skid marks, quickly fade. Cars parked along the road might be damaged and provide clues that help us prove your case. Photos also have geolocation data that can help us prove the precise location of a crash. At Kitchel Law, you will be cared for by experienced personal injury attorneys who specialize in car accidents – we have may have investigators at our disposal to collect additional evidence and have successfully used them when needed to find surveillance footage. However, the best time to gather evidence is at the moment of the crash 

Here is a Crash Checklist you can follow if you are in a crash.

Photos we need: 

  • Wide angle shots from every direction 

  • Close in shots of the cars involved 

  • Picture of the driver’s insurance card 

  • Picture of the license plate and VIN (in the windshield)

  • Picture of the driver’s license 

Advice from a Car Accident Lawyer in Washington DC

As a personal injury attorney living and working in Arlington, Virginia and Washington DC, I have seen firsthand how car crashes can drastically impact individuals' lives. To safeguard yourself following an injury, follow three vital steps.   

Don't talk to insurance company representatives without a lawyer with you because they are not there to help you, even if they seem friendly. An advantage of having a car accident lawyer is that they put your interests first.   

You should prioritize your medical care. Your health should be your top priority and also it is crucial to have comprehensive medical records in order to build a strong case. If you lack insurance, don't fret - we will explore alternatives together.   

Document as much as possible. Take photos or ask someone to take photos of all objects related to the accident. The most dependable evidence is that which is current. An attorney can assist in gathering additional evidence.


Auto accidents can be extremely anxiety-inducing. I have assisted numerous individuals in dealing with the consequences and receiving the rightful compensation.  

If you or someone you know have experienced significant injuries in a car accident in Washington DC, don't hesitate to request a FREE consultation from experienced car accident lawyers.

Do not worry about upfront fees because payments are only after we win the case for you. 

Let's talk about your circumstances and how I can assist you in getting back on track.

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