Understanding Contingency Fees and How Victims Benefit From It

If you got hurt in a car crash in Washington DC, dealing with medical bills and missing work can cause a lot of stress. Thinking about paying for a personal injury lawyer can make everything feel too hard. At Kitchel Law, we want to help people hurt through no fault of their own. We won't ask for money - ever.

Let me explain how our payment system works to take some worry away. 

What is a Contingency Fee and How Does it Work? 

The Basics: If a car accident attorney operates on a contingency basis, they won't require any payment for their legal services. Instead, their compensation depends on the outcome of your case – ensuring they are only paid if they resolve the case in your favor. 

How it works: An agreed-upon percentage of your settlement will be shared with your lawyer as their fee. This percentage is clearly specified in your client agreement, guaranteeing complete transparency during the entire process. An added benefit for peace of mind – you can always be assured your lawyer wants the best possible outcome for you because it benefits the law firm too. 

More likely than not, we will need to spend money to win your case. There are costs for medical records, primarily. If we file a lawsuit, there are court costs and other fees related to proving your case, such as for private investigators, expert witnesses, and depositions. Those costs will all be paid upfront by your lawyer. At the end of the case, those costs will be reimbursed out of your settlement or verdict. 

The "No Win, No Fee" Guarantee: Simply put, if you lose your case, you do not owe your lawyer any payment for their services. 

Benefits for Our Clients 

It is more comfortable to breathe with a contingency fee, as it removes the immediate burden of legal expenses from you. You can concentrate on healing your body and injuries and reconstructing your life. 

This system also means you can rest assured that we have confidence in your case. The reality is that we spend time and risk our own assets to prove our case. Simply from a business perspective, no lawyer would do that if they didn’t think they could win.  

With a contingency fee, you have the opportunity to enlist a high-quality car accident attorney to advocate for your rights, no matter your present financial status. 

Why Choose Kitchel Law in Washington DC?

We’re proud of the services we offer to clients. Kitchel Law is a small firm that delivers big results and personalized attention. We want our clients to feel like they matter. Once we sign on a client, no matter the size of the case, we will fight as hard as we can to get the best deal for our clients possible. At Kitchel Law, you will have access to a personal injury attorney whenever you want. Unlike the big shops, your attorney will never be hidden from you behind teams of paralegals. At Kitchel Law, we know every client by name and make sure that every client knows they matter to us.  

Don't Let Legal Fees Hold You Back 

You are not responsible for this accident, and you should not have to deal with its repercussions by yourself. At Kitchel Law, we think everyone should have access to justice, regardless of their financial status. A fee arrangement based on a contingency fee makes our services accessible to you. 

In case you have suffered injuries from a car crash in Washington DC, do not delay in seeking a FREE consultation. Let's talk about your situation, how contingency fees operate, and how we can begin advocating for the restitution you are entitled to. 

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