Representing injured clients and families throughout the Washington DC area, I help people get the compensation they deserve. If you have been hurt in a bicycle crash, pedestrian collision, or through medical malpractice, call us today or fill out the form on this page to get the help you need.

Car AccidentCar Accident

Driving in the Washington, DC, Northern Virignia, "DMV" is scary and dangerous. Knowing what to do after a crash is vital to protecting your financial interests and having the resources to take care of your health.

Kitchel Law, PLLC is dedicated to guiding car crash victims through the process of recovery - from making sure we identify all potential sources of compensation, to guiding you through the process of recovering - medically and financially - from the crash. 

Bicycle AccidentBicycle Accident

Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Washington DC & Northern Virginia

Bicycle crashes are unlike any other type of auto collision. Even at low speeds, a collision with a car can cause catastrophic injuries to cyclists, including traumatic brain injury, permanent disability, and even death.

Kitchel Law, PLLC is dedicated to getting victims and their families full compensation for damages, losses, or even death after a bike crash in Washington DC. Contact the office today to schedule your appointment.

Pedestrian AccidentPedestrian Accident

If you have been hit by a car while on foot, seek medical attention. Once you're on the mend, let's chat about how we can sort out the rest. At Kitchel Law, we're here to help you navigate through the aftermath of a pedestrian accident in the Washington, DC/Arlington/Alexandria areas. Call the office today to schedule your appointment.

Medical MalpracticeMedical Malpractice

When a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider makes a mistake, the consequences can cost a patient more than just money. If you have suffered an injury or death in the family because of a medical professional’s negligence, you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim. Contact Kitchel Law, PLLC today to learn more about your next steps.

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

Losing a loved one due to neglect is a tragedy you should never face alone.

At Kitchel Law, we will guide you through the legal process with compassion and determination. Call us today for a free consultation with a wrongful death attorney in Washington, DC.