A Washington DC and Northern Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Who Puts Your Needs First

There aren’t many things in life worse than a sudden injury. In one moment, everything you took for granted—health, money, employment, comfort—is out the window. Now your days are filled with calls to insurers, constant pain, and sleepless nights, with no indication when (or if) your life will return to normal.

But interrupting your recovery to drive into town, and share emotional and personal details of your trauma to strangers in a stale conference room, all while knowing they might not be able to help? It’s not just inconvenient; it’s heartbreaking.

You Take Care of Yourself, and Let A Personal Injury Attorney Do the Rest

The last thing you need right now is another headache. As the founder of Kitchel Law, PLLC, my mission is to make your recovery as painless as possible. 

I can’t tell you the outcome of your case, but I can tell you what won’t happen if we work together: You won’t be a name on an endless roster of faceless clients. Your calls won’t be passed to paralegals and support staff, you’ll never be hustled out of a meeting before all of your questions are answered, and you won’t pay anything until your case is resolved in your favor.

My law practice exists for one reason: to help people who need help the most. If you choose me as your personal injury attorney to represent you, rest assured: I’ve got you. I’ll handle everything you need from here on out.

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