Lindsey Wyatt

Lindsey Wyatt

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Lindsey Wyatt is, hands down, the nicest member of the Kitchel Law team. Born and raised in Tennessee, Lindsey brings that unmistakable warmth and Southern charm to our team. With a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Lindsey has a solid educational foundation and a passion for helping that she channels into helping our clients navigate the complexities of their personal injury cases.

Lindsey's role as a paralegal is to be the bridge between our clients and the legal process. She is dedicated to making sure that every piece of client information is not only collected but meticulously organized. Her attention to detail and organizational skills are invaluable in helping injured clients build their case effectively.

When she's not diligently assisting our clients and keeping Allyson organized, Lindsey enjoys spending quality time spoiling her beloved dog Scout. She enjoys reading true crime stories, where her mystery-solving-brain  can be put to good use. Lindsey is also an avid gamer, finding solace and creativity in games like Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Oregon Trail. For her, there's no greater joy than a well-organized space, and her favorite store, the Container Store, is a testament to her love for order and efficiency.

Lindsey Wyatt is not just a paralegal; she's a friendly face and a helping hand in your journey toward justice. Her dedication and passion make her an integral part of our team, and she's always ready to go the extra mile to ensure our clients receive the care and attention they deserve.