Driving in the DMV - DC, Maryland, and Virginia, is harrowing on its best day. No matter how careful you are as a driver, crashes happen every day. At Kitchel Law, we understand that a car crash can be more than just a physical collision; it's an emotional and legal upheaval that can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. That's why we're here. 

Why you should consult with an attorney after a crash?

1. You have rights. Knowing your rights isn't easy, and insurance companies are for-profit enterprises. Their job is to make money, which means skirting responsibility whenever possible.

2. Dealing with insurance companies. The days after a crash are stressful. If you are hurt, sleeping poorly, and worried about missing work, life is hard enough. Add insurance adjusters calling you to "get your statement" and its not hard to see why people give up and take whatever the insurance company offers. Having an attorney means the insurance companies leave you alone. It also signals to the insurance company that full compensation will be expected. 

3. It costs you nothing. Kitchel Law will never ask for money up front, and only gets a fee if you win. 

4. Finding insurance coverage. In the simplist case, the at-fault driver has plenty of insurance coverage to compensate the victim for what has been taken. In most cases, however, a personal injury lawyer will need to work to find additional sources of insurance coverage to fully compensate you. Perhaps the driver was driving for Amazon or Uber. Maybe your own insurance coverage has the coverage you need. Kitchel Law has expertise in finding sources of insurance coverage to compensate you for your injuries.

Why choose Kitchel Law? 

Kitchel Law is different. There are lots of experienced personal injury attorneys in Washington, DC, Arlington, and Fairfax, and we suggest you call a few and see which firm feels like the right fit for you. Some firms give you the run around and make you submit a bunch of information before they agree to take your case. Some firms want you to sign an engagement agreement before you even meet your lawyer. Not at Kitchel Law. 

When you call (or request a call through our website) you will promptly be contacted by one of a paralegal, probably Lindsey, to get some basic information to see if our firm is a good fit for your needs. If we are not the right fit, we will give you the names of some other lawyers we like and trust to see if they can help. You will quickly have a consult schedule with an attorney - Allyson or Julie - for a more detailed conversation about your injuries what what we think the process will be for your specific case. Every case is different, but this video gives an overview of what happens in a typical car crash case and will also give you a sense of what it might be like to work with us. 

We also make it easy - want to text us your information? No problem. Love Zoom? Hate Zoom? We can accommodate. Prefer that we mail you copies of documents for you to sign? Your wish is our command. 

Personalized Attention - Guaranteed

Kitchel Law, PLLC provides personal attention and legal representation to injured drivers and families throughout the Metro DC area. If you or someone you love was struck by a car  in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, or the surrounding areas, contact me today for the help you need.