If you have sick leave and health insurance and are injured by someone, consider yourself lucky. An impulse not to pursue legal action is understandable where you don’t have out-of-pocket costs, but responsible people and companies buy insurance to compensate people who are injured because injuries are a fact of life!

If you don’t make a claim, the insurance companies just collect more profit. In most cases, claims settle long before a person sees the inside of a courtroom. Where liability is clear, insurance companies want to resolve claims quickly, which means a personal injury attorney can get compensation for you without taking much of your time.

Allyson believes your time is money, and lost time from work, or ruined evenings resting at home because you are on painkillers, are both compensable. Use the money for savings, take your family on vacation to celebrate your recovery, or donate to a worthy cause. The benefit should go to you, not to an insurance company.